Personal Attendant’s Packing List + Roles

February 23, 2023

  1. Contact list (Vendors)
  2. Lip stick/gloss to reapply throughout the day
  3. Mints
  4. Granola bars/snacks
  5. Water
  6. Tissues
  7. Cough drops
  8. Hand sanitizer
  9. Lotion
  10. Toothbrush + toothpaste
  11. Nail clipper
  12. Tylenol/ibuprofen
  13. Tampons/pads
  14. Bandages/First Aid Kit
  15. Bobby pins
  16. Phone charger
  17. Fully charged phone to take BTS photos
  18. Perfume
  19. The bride’s wallet + ID
  20. Dryer sheets (For static cling)
  21. Eye drops
  22. Small mirror
  23. Hair spray
  24. Dry shampoo
  25. Pens
  26. Blotting paper
  27. Eyelash glue
  28. Tweezers
  29. Spray on deodorant
  30. Spray sunscreen
  31. Bugspray
  32. Q-tips
  33. Clear nail polish for runs in nylons
  34. Nail polish color that matches mani/pedi in case it chips
  35. Tide-to-go pen
  36. Steamer
  37. Lint roller
  38. Sewing kit
  39. Gorilla glue
  40. Safety pins
  41. Boob tape
  42. Hem tape
  43. Double-sided tape
  44. 5+ Lighters (to light candles at reception + for sparklers)
  45. Batteries (for string lights)
  46. Scissors
  47. Solar powered charger
  48. Febreeze
  49. Floss
  50. Small comb or brush

BONUS: 10 Roles of the Personal Attendant

  1. Check on the vendors
  2. Point person for questions and problems
  3. Have a bag or wagon with the above items ready to go for the bride
  4. Holds up the dress to use the restroom or walk around
  5. Deliver and errand person
    • Example: Deliver letters to your spouse-to-be
  6. Makeup touches
  7. Bustle the dress
  8. Help put the veil in
  9. Set up and take down/clean up
    • The personal attendant and ushers typically…
      • Clean up the getting ready rooms
      • Clean up the food at the church
      • Move the decor from the ceremony to the reception
      • Clean up after the reception. (Decor, flowers, leftover food and desserts, gift, etc.)
      • Make sure there is enough room in their cars for all of these.
      • Pick up the furniture rentals before the reception and return the furniture rentals after the reception.
  10. The buffer
    • If something goes wrong, the personal attendant fixes it and doesn’t bother the bride with any unnecessary worries.
    • If the couple is stuck talking to a chatty guest, she can pull you away.


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