MY story

My faith is the reason behind all that I do

I absolutely love my profession + the friends I get to meet along the way. My faith is the reason behind all that I do. I strive to use the gifts God has given me to serve others. I am passionate and committed to making you feel seen + heard to give you the best possible experience.

Throughout your entire planning process, you can reach out to me at any time with questions or for advice. We work together to create your wedding day photography timeline because YOUR day should look and feel like YOU! 

Less like a Vendor
more like a Friend.

CRazy assistant (MY PUP, sunday)


weddings shot


dance breaks a day


years professionally doing what i love


weddings shot

crazy assistant (sunday)

dance breaks a day

years doing what i love


probably doing one of the following:

• Walking my pup, Sunday.
• Planning a dreamy shoot.
• Shopping for home decor (my biggest weakness!)
• Jamming to my current favorite song.
• Having a game/movie night with friends or family.
• Reading my Bible outside on my deck.
• Road-tripping or flying somewhere beautiful.


a. How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days
b. She’s the Man 
c. The Proposal
d. Blended
e. Letters to Juliet

pineapple pizza

a. Mint + Basil
b. Target (RIP my wallet every single time that I walk inside.)
c. Eco Chic
d. Home Goods
e. All of the above because I’m a sucker for home decor!! 

2) If i could ONLY have one food for the rest of my life, IT'D BE:

5) Someday I want to:

4) My favorite store is:

3) When I'm in my car, I jam to:


1) My favorite Rom-Com is:

70's music

write a children's book

with my mom + sister 

K.Ranae photography Llc 2021

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