20 Ways to Honor Lost Loved Ones on Your Wedding Day.

February 20, 2023

  1. Reserve a seat for them at your ceremony and dinner with a photo, their favorite flower, or a note.

  2. Carry a family heirloom.

  3. Add a custom photo charm to your bouquet and/or boutonniere.

  4. Include a tribute in your ceremony program.

  5. Share a favorite memory during the reception speech/deliver a special toast.

  6. Arrange a memorial/photo table.

  7. Stitch a photo/note inside of your dress, suit, or tie.

  8. Incorporate their favorite flowers or snacks at their reception.

  9. Incorporate them into your wedding menu. (Ex: Grandma’s favorite dessert: Chocolate cheesecake).

  10. Include your parent’s name in the wedding invitation.

  11. Ask your officiant to mention them during your ceremony + to have a moment of reflection.

  12. Dedicate a reading to them.

  13. Share their favorite Bible verse, poem, or quote.

  14. Play their favorite song.

  15. Wear a parent’s wedding ring on your finger or on a necklace.

  16. Wear their cufflinks or get some personalized with their handwriting on them.

  17. Light a candle or lantern for them.

  18. Share a sentimental recipe.

  19. Add a tribute to your veil.

  20. Carry a photo of them in your pocket.

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