110 Date Ideas for You + Your Boo | Part 2

January 31, 2022

  1. Set up corn hole, badminton, and ladder ball to have a game day in your backyard
  2. Take 30 minutes to do your best drawing of each other
  3. Buy something cool at the Fargo Street Fair
  4. Make pizzas from scratch
  5. Buy a cute, new outfit for each other and go out
  6. Play pool at Fargo Billiards and Gastropub
  7. Take quizzes to find out more about yourselves
  8. Try some target practice at Bill’s Gun Shop + Range
  9. See a play at Bluestem Amphitheater
  10. Take a walk at M.B Johnson Park
  11. Rollerblade around Gooseberry Park
  12. Go to a concert at the FargoDome
  13. Have a compliment battle
  14. Have a picnic in the park
  15. Go to an amusement park (RRVF or drive to Valley Fair in the cities)
  16. Cheer for the RedHawks baseball team and stay for the fireworks
  17. Bike the Dakota Heartland Trail in Park Rapids to visit Dorset, MN for some food + shopping
  18. Go to a barn dance
  19. Have a pinball competition at Fargo Pinball
  20. Share a dessert downtown at Nichole’s Fine Pastry & Cafe
  21. Bike to the outdoor Dairy Queen in Moorhead
  22. Set up a projector and watch a movie outside
  23. Go to church together
  24. Do each other’s makeup
  25. Play a one-on-one basketball game at a park or gym near you
  26. Look at your favorite animals at the Red River Zoo
  27. Have a game night and invite all of your couple friends over (Pictionary, Fish Bowl, Catch Phrase, Uno, etc)
  28. Go through your things together and donate what you don’t want/need anymore
  29. Volunteer your time to walk dogs for an animal shelter
  30. Have a Harry Potter movie marathon and only talk with an accent throughout watching
  31. Swim at a pool
  32. Make each other a gift from only what you currently have in your home
  33. set up a water balloon/gun fight in your backyard
  34. Go to the fanciest restaurant and splurge for the night
  35. Babysit a friend’s kid together
  36. Recreate your first date
  37. Put together care kits for homeless people + hand them out together — include a handwritten note/prayer
  38. Set up a tree hammock in Island Park
  39. Have a karaoke night
  40. Join a summer volleyball league through Fargo Billiards and Gastropub
  41. Take a class to try something new (karate, ceramics, painting, learning a new language, etc)
  42. Drive to Maplewood State Park for a camping trip
  43. Take a dance class/lesson
  44. Start or join a Bible Study together
  45. Choose a cake recipe and see who can make it better
  46. Dye each other’s hair a crazy color with temporary dye
  47. Have a double date with your parents
  48. Trade social media accounts for a day and make funny stories
  49. Go to a movie festival at the downtown Fargo Theater
  50. Jump around at Sky Zone
  51. Road trip to Seven Clans Casino to enjoy their water park
  52. Have a viewing party of all of the Marvel movies
  53. Create a unique dessert recipe
  54. People watch at West Acres Mall and sit down for food
  55. Do a mini session or couple session with K.Ranae Photography



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