110 Date Ideas for You + Your Boo | Part 1

January 31, 2022

  1. Spend the day at Thunder Road playing laser tag, arcade games, mini golf, riding go-karts, etc!
  2. Find a couple’s workout video together on YouTube.
  3. Skate for the night at Skate City.
  4. Each of you rent your favorite movie and order your favorite take-out to share.
  5. Go cosmic bowling.
  6. Ask each other life questions and respond with the craziest wrong answers you can think of.
  7. Have a Hallmark movie marathon + predict the ending within the first five minutes.
  8. Shop at the Red River Market.
  9. Write a song and sing it together.
  10. Go to the Fargo Escape Room.
  11. Build an epic fort to watch a movie in.
  12. Take artsy pictures together downtown.
  13. Pick a YouTube tutorial and try to learn something together.
  14. Compete in trivia night at Rhombus Guys.
  15. Buy each other crazy outfits at a thrift store to wear to dinner.
  16. Visit three different coffee shops in Downtown Fargo.
  17. Grab your rain boots and take a walk in the rain.
  18. Spend a fun night at Dave & Buster’s. 
  19. Volunteer to be Vacation Bible School (VBS) teachers together for the week through your church.
  20. Make a project at Clay Your Way.
  21. Paint at Creatively Uncorked.
  22. Drive to the Mall of America and visit The Nickelodeon University and Sea Life.
  23. Create a scavenger hunt + complete it in the same night.
  24. Volunteer at a homeless shelter. (New Life Center is great!)
  25. Visit the Plains Art Museum and make up sophisticated stories about the life of the artists.
  26. Have a Nerf Gun war.
  27. Spend the night talking around a bonfire eating S’mores.
  28. Go to Barnes and Noble to eat their Signature Chocolate Chip Cookie.
  29. Run in a 5K together.
  30. Go to a drive-in movie at Sky-Vu Drive-In (Warren, MN).
  31. Watch airplanes take off at the Hector International Airport.
  32. Have dinner at Happy Joe’s + compete in arcade games.
  33. Try paintball over at Valley Paintball (Wheatland, ND).
  34. Buy and put together a lego kit.
  35. Blast the music and dance in the kitchen.
  36. Spend the day in Detroit Lakes on the beach eating some Zorbaz pizza.
  37. Make up a story for old items at the Moorhead Antique Mall.
  38. Watch the sunset.
  39. Blast the music and dance in the kitchen.
  40. Go fishing.
  41. Make brunch together.
  42. Buy a 1,000 piece puzzle and try to complete it in one day.
  43. Ax throw at Triple Ax.
  44. Watch a movie in another language.
  45. Go around paying for people (Coffee, dinner, gas, etc).
  46. Have a day of board games.
  47. Kayak on the Red River.
  48. Play video games (Guitar Hero, Mario Kart, etc).
  49. Wake up early to watch the sunrise.
  50. Enjoy a day on the lake.
  51. Spend a whole Tuesday or Thursday watching $5.00 movies at Marcus Century Cinema.
  52. Make a time capsule.
  53. Take a walk downtown and try to compliment every person you meet.
  54. Go to the library and read to each other in the character’s voices.
  55. Jump out of a plane together with Skydive Fargo.



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