100 Date Ideas for FaceTime

February 23, 2023

  1. Make a craft with only what you have in your home.
  2. Do a YouTube workout video.
  3. Have a Bible study.
  4. Write a song and sing it.
  5. Have a TikTok battle. Make at least three videos! You can also “duet” their video.
  6. Have a compliment battle.
  7. Tie-dye T-shirts.
  8. Create a music video.
  9. Show each other your closets and let the other person pick out the craziest outfit for you to wear for the rest of the FaceTime call.
  10. Choose somewhere to donate to.
  11. Make pizzas from scratch.
  12. Pick out “tattoos” for the other person to draw on themselves with a pen.
  13. Teach each other your favorite hobbies.
  14. Explore a virtual aquarium.
  15. Trade social media for the day and make funny posts.
  16. Have a fashion show and take turns modeling the craziest outfits you can find.
  17. Pick a recipe, and then make it at the same time. Then enjoy your dinner!
  18. Watch the same movie and give funny commentary throughout it.
  19. Write a love letter before your call and then read it to each other.
  20. Play a video game like Guitar Hero and see who scores higher.
  21. Look up dogs for adoption.
  22. Choose the same thing to draw. Take 10 minutes, and then show your drawing. (Ex: A duck shooting out of a volcano wearing pool floaties.)
  23. Go live together on Instagram and do a Q&A.
  24. Paint.
  25. Plan an epic date for the next time you’re going to see each other.
  26. Take the love language test and talk about your results.
  27. Try to “pick them up” with your best pick-up lines.
  28. Show each other clouds and talk about what they look like.
  29. Photoshop a photo of the other person. Example: Put her head on Mr. Potato.
  30. Ask each other deep life questions, but only answer with funny/wrong answers.
  31. Create a playlist for each other and share it on Spotify.
  32. Mail them a lil care package.
  33. Watch YouTube videos. Check out “Yes Theory”!
  34. Give them a virtual tour of your home by pretending you’re on MTV Cribs (even if they’ve already seen your home).
  35. Start a book club together.
  36. Have a jam session and use your musical talents…or lack of musical talents to sing your favorite songs.
  37. Take the enneagram quiz and talk about your results.
  38. Go on a walk.
  39. Play a two-player online game.
  40. Have a trivia night.
  41. Have a coffee/hot chocolate date.
  42. Design a T-shirt online together.
  43. Facetime with your family and friends, and create an even closer bond between your significant other and the people most important to you.
  44. Play phone games like 20 questions.
  45. Virtual fancy dinner date. Get dressed up to the nines, babyyyy!
  46. Watch the sunrise/sunset.
  47. Show photos of yourself throughout the years… especially middle school. Bond over those awkward years!
  48. Mail a journal back and forth. Add a new entry every time!
  49. Read a book back and forth to each other, but only read/talk like the characters in the book.
  50. Have a craft night and make a gift for each other.
  51. Send each other your favorite recipe, and then make whatever they sent you.
  52. Create a shared photo album on your phone.
  53. Write your own versions of your love story and then share them. Compare your different perspectives!
  54. Make a summer bucket list of things you want to do together.
  55. Create to-do lists for each other.
  56. Order take-out to their home.
  57. Sing karaoke.
  58. Choose what the other person has to draw on their face with a washable marker or makeup.
  59. Create a lego masterpiece.
  60. Pick a YouTube tutorial and try to learn something new.
  61. Work together to recreate and record some of your favorite movie scenes.
  62. Listen to a podcast. (I love “Whoa That’s Good Podcast” by Sadie Robertson!)
  63. Build a fort and then spend your date inside!
  64. Clean your room/house at the same time while talking. Show the before and after.
  65. Look up monologues, and then perform them for each other with costumes.
  66. Describe an unrealistic dream vacation.
  67. Make a logo for each other’s businesses no matter what kind of work they do.
  68. Take 30 minutes to draw your best portrait of them.
  69. Do a crossword together.
  70. Become Gordon Ramsay and critique your dinners.
  71. Do homework/work. You’re being productive and still having company!
  72. Have a cake bake-off. Go all out! Think of Cake Boss.
  73. Dress up in your best Halloween costume for your date. If you don’t have one, make one!
  74. Choose an encouraging book for the other person to read.
  75. See who can look more like Post Malone. Tattoos and all.
  76. Make a tie blanket for each other.
  77. See who can hold a handstand longer.
  78. Bake.
  79. Mail a clothing item of yours to them so they can feel closer to you!
  80. Send each other a new selfie for your caller ID’s.
  81. Grab a blender and choose what the other person puts in their smoothie to drink.
  82. Have a dance battle to your favorite throwbacks.
  83. Watch an online church service together. Talk about what you learned and how you can implement it in your life.
  84. Before your FT call, write down 20 things you love about that person. Take turns sharing what you wrote.
  85. Have a rap battle.
  86. Play the same song and pretend you’re in a middle school dance.
  87. Share 10 of your favorite memories together.
  88. Sing worship songs.
  89. Play games like Pictionary, Heads Up!, etc.
  90. Act like you are both on a cooking show while you create a “gourmet” meal… whether that’s steak or microwave mac n cheese!
  91. Do morning devotionals.
  92. Watch a comedian’s stand-up.
  93. Binge watch a Netflix series.
  94. Write a children’s book together. Try illustrating it!
  95. Take a night to focus on yourself. Take a bath, do a facemask, journal, etc. Connect the following day to see if you feel refreshed!
  96. Dress up like each other and act like them for the first five minutes of your date.
  97. Choose a book for each other to read that will help you grow closer to one another and to the Lord. Teach the other person what you learn each week. (A few books/authors that I recommend are “Fearless” and “Live” by Sadie Robertson, “Love Does” and “Everybody Always” by Bob Goff, “Cherish” by Gary Thomas, and “How to Have Your Life Not Suck” by Bianca Olthoff.)
  98. Have a Hallmark movie marathon and try to guess the ending within the first five minutes.
  99. Randomly pick two numbers from 1-100, and do those activities from this list for your date!
  100. To get to know each other on an even deeper level, check out my blog called “125 Conversation Starters for Future/Current Spouses.”


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