20 Tips for Getting Ready the Morning of Your Wedding

February 23, 2023

  1. Wear matching robes or button-down pajama tops with your girls.
    • Avoid bras and outfits you have to take off over your head. You don’t want bra strap indentations or to ruin your hair when changing.
  2. Have all of the girls help with final touches after you get your dress buttoned.
  3. Bring a fully charged speaker to play fun music to set the mood.
    • PRO TIP: Make a playlist ahead of time + have it ready to go for the morning!
    • ANOTHA ONE: Make a playlist for your party bus!
  4. Bring a long phone charger.
  5. Have a makeup trial ahead of time!
    • Bring Pinterest inspo for the makeup look you want.
  6. Have the girls pray over the bride + the guys pray over the groom.
  7. Have a roll of paper towels next your bouquets to dry them off before use.
  8. Have your bridesmaids steam your dress right once you get there.
  9. Have your girls clean up the room before the photographer arrives.
  10. DELEGATE – Designate a person or two (typically the personal attendant/s) to be the “go-to” person if there is a problem to avoid any unnecessary small stresses throughout the day.
  11. Talk expectations! Let your bridesmaids and family know if you’re wanting them to be hype-women/ party animals, chill, organized, etc.
  12. Ask if you can buy the shade of lipstick that the makeup artist is using on you so you can reapply throughout the day.
  13. Pack for the weather.
    • Hot: Large fan/s for getting ready room, portable fans while taking photos outside, white parasols, a cooler full of waters.
    • Cold/winter/rainy: Shawls, winter boots, clear umbrellas
  14. Have your favorite snacks or treats in the getting ready room!
  15. Do a fun champagne pop with your girls + photographer!
  16. Shave the night before.
    • Bring a razor just in case you forget somewhere or have to touch up. I can’t tell you how many brides forget to shave their armpits and have to go on a big search for a razor!
  17. Have your personal attendant carry around a bag/wagon of necessities (read my blog about what you may want your P.A. to pack!)
  18. Make sure to have lunch and waters for you, your bridal party, family, and photo/video team.
    • Stay hydrated and eat.
  19. Put your wedding details in a shoebox/designated area for your photographer to photograph right away. (Check out my blog about what wedding details to have for photographs.)
  20. Ask your ladies to take lots of BTS photos/videos in the morning and throughout the day.
  21. Avoid heavy drinking before the ceremony/before photos are done.
  22. Pack extension cords/surge protectors in case there aren’t enough outlets for hair tools, phones, etc.
  23. Hang your dress on a nice hanger.
  24. Give your phone to your personal attendant for the day and have her take BTS photos + videos on it.
  25. Send the timeline to all of your vendors ahead of time.
    • Make sure the makeup team knows when they need to be done. This is typically what can make a wedding day run behind.
    • Bride + bridesmaid makeup should typically be done 15ish minutes after the wedding photographer arrives.
  26. Pick a getting ready room that has a lot of natural light. Open all of the blinds!
  27. Exchange morning-of letters or gifts with your soon-to-be husband.
  28. Invite your guests to blow up your phone with photos they take throughout the day. You can look through these texts when you get back from your Honeymoon.
  29. Accept that some things will go wrong…and that’s OKAY! Remember that it’s about the marriage, not the wedding.
  30. Relax and ENJOY!


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